Money Refund Policy

Since one of the core values of is customer satisfaction, we try as much as possible to make our customers happy about our services. Almost all our cutomers get satisfied as they engage us in academic service provision. However, we understand that there are exceptional situations where our customers may seek their money back.

unlike most academic service providing companies, We, at, have a reliable and definitive Money-Back Guarantee system geared to enhancing our customers’ experience and overall satisfaction with our services as well as providing a clear outline of cirmstances and conditions that may lead to money refund.

Money Back Eligibility

For you to qualify for 100% refund, any of the following circumstances must prevail:

  1. You cancel an order after placing it but beore a writer has been allocated to it.
  2. The order is due and the paper has not been submitted to you, and therefore you dont need. You will be fully refunded but you will not receive the paper. Moreover, you will be required not to use any documents related to the order, which may have previously been forwarded to you.
  3. You errorneously made multiple payment for a single order, or paying for several identical orders.
  4. We have not found a suitable writer for your order.
  5. The revised order was sent to you later than the set time frame. You are able to send a complaint to the refunds department in such a circumstance. However, note that in this case, no more revisions will be available.
  6. We offer upto a maximum of 15% of the order total for late revision. Please, remember that all the orders are unique and we accord an individual approach to each of them.
  7. Your paper instructions were not followed as provided or the paper’s quality is questionable. High quality services is what we always strive to deliver. However, if you feel that your paper is not completed according to your demands you are able to send a complaint to the customer support. The manager will examine your case accordingly and offer the most appropriate solution to it. Please, make sure that you have fully described your claim as they will place us in a better position to handle your claim.
  8. The rough copy(preview) of the order is sent but you have not approved it. You are free to ask the revisions unlimited times and free of charge or open a dispute on your order within first 10 days. If you provide convincing and valid arguments for getting a refund we will be able to issue up to 100% of payment back to the customer.

You will be eligible for a 70% refund if:

  • You cancel an order that is already assigned to a writer when less than half of the time frame set for its completion has passed. In such a case, you will not receive 100% of your money back since the writer has already started working on your paper, and it is fair that they receive payment for the effort they have already put into your order.
  • You will be eligible for a 50% if:

  • You cancel an order that’s already assigned to a writer and more than a half of the time required for its completion has passed.
  • You will be eligible for a 30% refund if:

    1. No refund is possible in case the paper has been finished and delivered to the customer even if the deadline has not passed yet.
    2. The final copy of the order has been sent to you and you have approved it. If the paper has been approved full refund is not offered. The maximum payment which you can get back is 30% if you manage to provide strong proofs why your paper is not satisfying.
    3. Plagiarism in the paper.
    4. We guarantee that your paper will be fully original and completely exceptionally in accordance to your instructions in the order form. However, if you claim about the high similarity you are obliged to provide us with the Turtnitin or your university plagiarism report, which can prove that the paper in not fully original. These are the only reports, which we accept for proving your paper similarity index.

      Kindly, be notified that you should be careful with checking your paper through the as it saves all the papers to the database and shows as plagiarized during next submissions. We are using our own plagiarism checker that we developed by our own.

    Additional services refund.

    1. The additional services such as editor’s services, summary of the paper, writer’s sample are not eligible for refund. However, if the writer has not been assigned yet you will be able to request the refund for the writer’s category. We are requesting our customers to be careful during filling in the order form so to avoid inconveniences in future.
    2. In case any of presented points is not clear enough you can always get explanation and more information from the members of our customer support team. Do not doubt that you will get assistance 24/7 at!
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